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Other Services

Some of our professional services don’t fall neatly under any particular category.
They are nonetheless as important as the many other services we provide.
Here are some of the other services offered by Pineapple Studios.

Blu-Ray Production
Blu-Ray has become the standard for viewing high definition video and we can burn hi-def programs to Blu-ray disk which is viewable on any Blu-ray player for the highest possible quality image available today.

Visual Database Creation
We can create and maintain databases of photographic images which include
full search and print capabilities. We have created visual databases for a
number of jewelry companies and currently photograph and maintain a monthly
visual database of all bridge construction for the Rhode Island Department of
Transportation’s Bridge Maintenance Division.

DVD/CD Duplication
We can duplicate any number of CDs and DVDs with custom labels printed on
the disks themselves. Replication services are also available for large runs.

Aerial Photography/Videography
We have been providing aerial photography services to real estate agencies,
businesses and government agencies for over ten years. Operating out of
several regional airports, we provide aerial photography services throughout
Southern New England. Our aerail photography and videography services now include the use of drones to capture high quality video and stills. We use state-of-the-art digital photo and video equipment and techniques to ensure consistent, high quality images and video.

Event Videography/Photography
We can videotape and/or photograph any event from corporate meetings, sales
presentations, training presentations, and Government meetings and events.

Video/Film/Photo Transfer
Videotapes deteriorate over time, film fades and cracks, photographs fade and
bend. We can transfer video from nearly any format to DVD. We can transfer
8mm and Super 8 film to DVD and video. We can transfer photographs to DVD.
Also available is our professional photo restoration service.

Product Photography
We can photograph any number and type of products and have vast experience
shooting jewelry and other small items.