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Introducing Pineapple Studios' 3D Services!

Have Pineapple Studios produce YOUR next presentation in spectacular 3D!

Our services include: Stereo 3D Animation, Live High-Definition 3D Video, 3D Still Photography, 3D Graphics, and we can even create your own custom ViewMasters!

We can produce 3D content to be shown toAudiences of all sizes, including on the Web. Smaller audiences can view 3D pictures and video using traditional Anaglyph glasses (red/cyan),while larger audiences can view 3D images and video using 3D TV and Shutter Glasses. Much larger audiences can view 3D images and video using Polarized Glasses just like the movie theaters!

Avatar! Shrek! Alice in Wonderland! Toy Story 3! And now....YOU!!

Call now to find out how Pineapple Studios can help you create YOUR next presentation in 3D!

Dazzle your next audience with your impressive 3D video! Make them remember your product or service.

Get their attention and keep it with eye-catching 3D!!!

Studies show that using 3D to present material increases attention and retention in all audiences and, 3D is now being used in many schools across the country! This service can be provided to you for not much more than our regular Animation, Video, and Graphics services.


You will need red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses to view this high-defintion 3D video clip. Get yours free by calling:


or emailing us at