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"You Oughta Be In Pictures!"

Of course you oughta be in pictures!  A brief two-minute video on your website personalizes your site, builds trust, tells  your unique story, sells products, enhances your brand, and drives people to your website. 

So, let’s get out the cell phone and start shooting.   No, no…amateur video with poor lighting and sound can weaken your brand and reflect poorly on your service.  You need a professional videographer.   

But you say, “That’s expensive!” 

A new opportunity is being offered by Pineapple Studios.  We’re bringing you highly professional and extremely affordable video. 

You’ll have a 30-minute appointment in which a professional videographer will capture your story.  You or your representative will have a head and shoulders shot against a black background in high definition with professional lighting and sound.  A teleprompter will help you with the ease of presenting your two-minute story. 

Your finished product will include a DVD that you can view in any player and digital files ready to imbed on your web page or post to YouTube.  And, the cost for these professional services starts at only $95 for five people or more. Single Two Minute Videos start at only $300!

Additional affordable options include: shooting against a green screen and digitally placing you in any background of your choosing, adding graphics or logos, and adding animation to your project.

You can also get help editing and tidying up your script…or, we can have professionals write the script for you. Professional on-screen talent is also available.

To book your 30-minute appointment , or for more information and tips on what to write, what to wear, dos and don’ts and other helpful hints, download our information package here:

Book your Appointment Today and get Your 2 minute Video on Your Website Tomorrow!

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Click this link to send an email to to book an appointment for your Two Minute Video!

If you've got 5 or more people in your office that want a Two Minute Video shot, your price is only $95! Call 401-848-7800 or email for more details!!

Click here for samples of our Client's Two-Minute Videos

Two Minute Video

Black Background, Teleprompter, Name and Title, for five or more people.

Graphics/Logo Add a Graphic or Logo $25
Green Screen Shot against Green Screen, your choice of Background or bring your own jpeg $40
Professional Talent Have a Professional Represent you On Screen *appointment subject to availability $60
Animation Add Animated Graphics and Elements to your Two Minute Video

Custom Pricing

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Script Assistance Let our Professional Script Writers help you tweak and edit your script $40
Script Writing At a loss for words? Let our Professional Script Writers write your script for you

Custom Pricing

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